Monday, November 4, 2013

Should have just released a slideshow

I know Bryan Singer has said that this is supposed to be a character trailer, and that the lack of action in this trailer is because of the unfinished visual effects, but several things:

1.  The first minute of this trailer is almost entirely made up of characters standing still and either looking at the camera or looking at other characters.
       a. This is similar to the terrible Ender's Game teaser trailer.

2. How can it be a character trailer when we learn almost nothing about a lot of the characters shown on screen?
       a. Does the marketing team really thing people are going to get SUPER EXCITED over a two second shot of Bishop looking at the camera while walking foward?

3. If you can't put in a lot of action in your superhero movie trailer, why not make the trailer shorter? Shaving off thirty seconds would have been an improvement.

4.  Hey, who wants to see a SUPER SERIOUS and DARK superhero movie?
    (not me)

5. I know why Wolverine keeps being the main character of these movies ($$$$$$$$$$) but ugggggghhhhhh.

6. When will trailer makers stop using Journey to the Line as trailer music?